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Georgia is a member of the interstate driver's license compact. This means that if you are convicted of a DUI in this state, your state of residence will be notified, and your license will be suspended. That is on top of the criminal penalties you'd face in Georgia. If you have an out-of-state driver's license, and if you have been charged with drunk driving in Georgia, you face DUI penalties in two states at once.

These complicated charges call for a serious defense. At Willis Law Firm, you can find skilled advocacy that is backed by a high success rate. In fact, this firm has been included in U.S. News—Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms". When your liberties are at stake, you can confidently entrust your case to this dedicated legal team.

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What are your options?

If you live out of state, your Atlanta attorney can represent you in court so that you don't have to show up in a Georgia courtroom yourself. Not only can you benefit from experienced out-of-state DUI defense, but you can save yourself the time and costs of going to and from Georgia. This can greatly reduce your stress as an expert legal team upholds your rights and seeks to preserve your freedom and future.

What if you're a Georgia resident who still has an out-of-state license? In addition to fighting your charge in court, an attorney can streamline your case by helping you get a Georgia license. Your Atlanta out-of-state DUI lawyer can also help you get a restricted license so that you can still travel to work, school, and other places the court deems acceptable.

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Frankly, expungement is not a viable option in Georgia: You need to work with an attorney who comes with the goal and the ability to win. With Willis Law Firm, you can know that you are working with legal advocates who know how to build winning defenses from experience, securing charge reductions, dismissals, and even acquittals. Our attorney is included in Super Lawyers®, an achievement reached by no more than 5% of attorneys in Georgia. At this firm, you can find exceptional advocacy at affordable fees.

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