Limited Permit for First Offense DUI

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Driving is an essential part of many of our lives and when that privilege is taken away, our education, our livelihood, even our health can be put at risk. That is why, under O.C.G.A. 40-5-64, Georgia law allows for some DUI offenders to maintain a limited driving permit to meet some of those essential driving needs.

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What a Limited Driving Permit Allows You to Do

Limited driving permits following a DUI are potentially available to two kinds of drivers: those who have just had their first DUI charge and those who have had their first DUI charge in five years. Even then, these clients' circumstances must be emphatically argued in court for the judge to grant a limited driving permit.

A limited driving permit allows a driver to:

  • Commute to their place of employment
  • Receive scheduled medical care/ pick up prescribed medications
  • Attend school where they are regularly enrolled
  • Attend substance abuse sessions or meetings
  • Attend any court-ordered drug or alcohol educations programs
  • Attend court, the probation office, or any community service
  • Drive an immediate family member to work, school, or medical care if they do not have a valid driver's license

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