Appealing Your Administrative License Suspension

Assistance from a Trusted Atlanta DUI Attorney

Those charged with DUI in Georgia have 30 calendar days to request a hearing with the Department of Driver Services (DDS) and make your case against their administrative license suspension (ALS). For those charged with DUI—especially for the first time—this a troubling, stressful time and that 30 calendar day window is easy to miss.

At Willis Law Firm, their team understands how important it is for most people to retain their driving privileges while they await their DUI trial. That is why they offer affordable and streamlined assistance with appealing your ALS. Not only do they act quickly on your behalf, but do so for no additional cost to you.

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Our Firm's Approach to Your Case

According to Georgia Law, those accused of a DUI have 30 calendar​ days from the time of their arrest to appeal their ALS with a DDS hearing. To do so requires sending a $150 filing fee, along with letters seeking the appeal.

Willis Law Firm offers assistance with this process for only $157: $150 for the DDS filing fee and $7 for the certified mail cost. They not only mail, but fax the filing documents to DDS, so those appealing can rest assured that the necessary documents arrive immediately and the 30 calendar day requirement is satisfied.

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Willis Law Firm offer this appeals filing assistance as a no-obligation service. However, if you are looking for further assistance with their ALS appeal or your upcoming criminal trial, they can help. Their seasoned legal team brings more than 20 years of experience to their cases and are prepared to help navigate your DUI charge to its best possible conclusion both in and out of the courtroom.

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