DUI Accident with Injury

What can I expect from a felony DUI charge in Georgia?

A standard DUI charge is enough to threaten you future. With a charge of DUI with serious injury, not only have you experienced a traumatic accident, but you could also be facing more than a decade in prison.

Defense is possible though! At Willis Law Firm, not only can an awarded DUI lawyer work on your case, but so too can forensic experts. The firm collaborates with accident reconstruction specialists to examine the evidence, police reports, and witness testimony. It may be possible to show that you did not even cause the accident. As for the charge of intoxication, a specially trained attorney knows from experience how to challenge even blood and breath test results.

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Penalties for DUI with Injury in Georgia

These charges are heavily prosecuted in Georgia, as drunk driving accidents account for 25% of annual traffic deaths.

If a driver is convicted of DUI serious injury, they could face:

  • 3 to 15 years' imprisonment
  • Heavy fines
  • Community service
  • DUI school
  • Alcohol treatment

That only covers the immediate results of a felony DUI conviction. On top of all this, you would lose your voting rights and your right to bear arms. The door to education and government jobs would be closed to you, and this is not to mention the damage a public criminal record will wreak every time you submit a housing or job application.

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