Did You Take a One-Leg Stand Test?

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There is a reason you have the right to refuse taking field sobriety tests: They are often unreliable. Yet if you failed a one-leg stand test or similar assessments, you could find yourself staring down a DUI charge and the devastating penalties that could come with it.

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How the One-Leg Stand is Supposed to be Administered

This is a test of "divided attention," evaluating both mental and physical capabilities. When performing the test, you have to lift up one leg about six inches from the ground, stare down at your other foot, pin your arms to your side, point your toe out, and count out loud for about thirty seconds.

A police officer will take note of any signs that include:

  • Wobbling due to imbalance
  • Hopping around
  • Spreading arms out to regain balance
  • Setting down the other foot

All you have to do is commit two of these, and you'll be under arrest for DUI. This could be for a simple lack of balance, or due to nerves, a distracting atmosphere, or even a slanted street. Clearly, this is not a scientific test by any means. An aggressive lawyer can combat these questionable results to dismantle your DUI charge.

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