Blood Tests & DUI Charges

Did you fail a DUI blood test in Atlanta?

As far as chemical DUI tests go, blood tests are seen as the most accurate measures of whether or not someone is impaired. That being said, a failed blood test does not automatically ruin your chances of finding a defense. Yes, a blood test that shows a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit can be crucial in a prosecutor's case, but there are still numerous opportunities to defend against a failed blood test. For instance:

  • Did an unqualified person administer the test?
  • Was the test equipment faulty?
  • Did the blood sample get stored, moved, or tested properly?

Failure to follow the strict regulations in these and other components of the blood test could be enough reason to get the results thrown out of your case and taken out of the prosecution's hands.

If any of these defenses are possible, it will take talented experts to find them. You can find insightful, qualified representation at Willis Law Firm, where the Atlanta DUI attorney has 20 years of legal experience and team up with forensic experts to mount a defense. Even if there is no such defense available, a highly skilled DUI lawyer could still reduce your charges or arrange a favorable plea bargain.

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Did you refuse to take a BAC test?

The Implied Consent Law in Georgia states that anyone with a driver's license agrees to take DUI tests if they are under suspicion of DUI. If a police officer asks someone to take a blood, breath, or urine test, and that person refuses, he or she automatically loses their license. This is true even if the driver is never found guilty of drunk driving. Blood test refusal also gives an officer enough reason to make a DUI arrest. The officer could even ask a judge for a blood test warrant if they have probable cause, such as saying that a driver had bleary red eyes, had alcohol on the breath, or had an open container of alcohol in the front of the car.

No Case Is Too Tough for the Defenders at Willis Law Firm

No matter the details of your case, the Atlanta DUI lawyer at this firm have the proven ability to find evidence in your favor and build a defense that could get your charges reduced or dismissed. For instance, it is still possible that the officer did not have probable cause to ask for the blood test warrant, or they may not have had a real reason to pull you over in the first place.

You may still be able to win your case with help from our DUI lawyer at this firm who has been selected for inclusion in the list of Super Lawyers ®. Start talking to an Atlanta DUI lawyer about your possible defenses when you get your free consultation!