DUI Testing in Georgia

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In Georgia, law enforcement officers use a number of tests and employ various instruments to determine the intoxication level of a driver. If you have been pulled over by an officer based on the suspicion of driving with a high blood alcohol content (BAC), a few methods may be used to determine your ability to safely drive.

The DUI attorney at Willis Law Firm believe that it is essential to understand the various testing methods as an initial step to protect your rights. Without clear knowledge of the case, prosecution will likely have an advantage over you. If you have any questions regarding any of the tests or you would like to receive the experienced and devoted representation of Willis Law Firm, contact the firm at your earliest convenience.

BAC and Impairment Testing

Well-known for their awards and aggressive defense strategies, the lawyer at Willis Law Firm in Atlanta can help you better understand the different DUI tests used to determine BAC and impairment, including:

Among the field sobriety tests are:

Willis Law Firm can provide you with the necessary defense you need if you have refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

Willis Law Firm Can Win Your Case

Many defendants do not have the proper representation on their side to adequately resolve their DUI case and, as a result, they receive the maximum penalties associated with their charges. After being charged with drunk driving, it is important to obtain strong defense to protect your rights and freedoms.

During a free case assessment, the DUI attorney at the firm can closely assess your situation to determine whether or not any inaccuracies occurred when the tests were administered. It is essential to receive every available protection when you are charged with DUI based on the results of an intoxication test.

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