DUI Defenses in Georgia

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As overwhelming as it is to be charged with drunk driving, too many people assume that they don't have a defense. That couldn't be further from the truth. In any situation, the most important aspect of a winning DUI defense is to find the right lawyer, someone who has extensive experience and proven results in beating DUI charges in Georgia.

At Willis Law Firm, you can find:

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Everyone deserves competent defense, and at the firm, you can find talented, passionate defenders. When you need exceptional counsel, you have found the right legal team. Feel free to contact a standout DUI attorney in Atlanta today!

Discover Your Personalized Drunk Driving Defense

You need to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, and you will only be found guilty if the prosecutor can meet the tall order of convincing jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. You could win your case if you can find a legal advocate who can show that there is room for even the slightest doubt.

At this Atlanta DUI firm, the attorney is ready to look for defenses that include:

  • No probable cause: Looking at the police's official report and video footage, a lawyer can assess whether or not there was a valid reason for the traffic stop and/or the DUI arrest.
  • Miranda Rights violation: If something you said is being used against you, but you were not properly read your Miranda Rights, your statements might no longer be validly used in court.
  • Faulty breath tests: The reality is that breathalyzer tests can produce erroneous results because of dental work, gum, mints, diabetes, and tobacco, particularly if the Intoxilyzer 5000 was used. Not even chemical DUI tests are infallible.

Did you refuse a chemical DUI test? Prosecutors might argue that your refusal showed a knowledge of guilt. But before you refuse to take a breath, blood, or urine test, an officer was supposed to tell you about Georgia's Implied Consent law. If the officer didn't warn you about the results of your refusal, then a skilled Atlanta DUI defense lawyer can combat the prosecutor's assumption.

Every case is unique, and there could be numerous other defenses available to you. Not only it will take a gifted attorney to find these defenses, however, but it takes a superb advocate to persuasively present these defenses before a courtroom. At the firm, this world-class defense is only a call away.

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