We Challenged Georgia's DUI Laws And We WON

Attorney Greg Willis Secures a Landmark Victory With the Supreme Court Ruling Certain DUI Law Unconstitutional

Our Victory

Fighting DUI Charges in Atlanta

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Have you been charged with a DUI in Atlanta? You have a mere 30 calendar days to request a DDS hearing. It is highly advised by the criminal justice system and the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) that you have your DUI defense attorney present at this hearing. Your attorney will be able to collect information that may prove instrumental for creating your defense strategy later on.

Why Choose the DUI Lawyer at Willis Law Firm?

  • Secured a landmark victory in the Supreme Court, ruling DUI law unconstitutional
  • 20+ Years of Experience in DUI Defense
  • Incredible Track Record Compared to Other Georgia DUI Firms
  • 93% success rate in DUI Cases in the Last 5 Years
  • Maintain 10.0 “Super” Avvo Ratings for Experience and Skill
  • Received AV Preeminent® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for Ability & Ethics
  • Named in Best Lawyers® Best Law Firm list by U.S. News & World Report

Make the choice to have the defense counsel on your side from the start. At Willis Law Firm, our Atlanta DUI defense attorney is renowned throughout the state and beyond for our ability to protect our client’s rights and driving privileges through thick and thin. We are often considered by the court to be “overqualified” for the job, delivering DUI defense strategies so articulate and intricate that the prosecution struggles to keep up. Indeed, we have even managed to successfully handle DUI cases that moved to the Georgia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court, cementing our reputation as one of the very best DUI defense law firms in Georgia.

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Willis Law Firm Has Won the “Unwinnable” Cases

Your case is unique and requires a one-of-a-kind approach to defend. Our Atlanta DUI attorney is so skilled at creating personalized strategies that win, we are approached all the time by other law firms and legal professionals for advice. In fact, some of our attorney hosts seminars about winning seemingly-unwinnable DUI defense cases, and lawyers, judges, and more from all around the state buy tickets to attend. He is also a national, state, and local instructor on DUI defense for other lawyers. This is just part of what makes us truly inimitable.

Our knowledge of Georgia DUI laws is so vast and impressive, everything from an invalid police stop to a faulty DUI test may be used in your defense. Many prosecutors in Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan region jump at the chance to take a plea deal with our clients since they know not doing so would mean putting up a hard fight in court, and possibly even an appeal afterwards. In short, the prosecution is wary whenever we arrive.

DUI Penalties are Severe – So Are We

We pull no punches when defending the rights and driving privileges of our clients. For just a first-time DUI in Georgia, the penalties can be excessive, including a $1,000 fine and 12-months’ jail time. The consequences will only escalate further with subsequent DUI convictions or additional circumstances to consider at the time of the arrest. With so much hanging in the balance, you cannot afford to accept the help of anyone else but Willis Law Firm.

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“Mr. Willis worked long and hard on my case, and he succeeded in having a DUI charge reduced to a lesser (and far less onerous) charge. At the end of my final court appearance, the judge himself made a point of telling me what "excellent representation" I had received. What more of an endorsement could an attorney get than that!” - Past DUI Client of Willis Law Firm

No matter how much the odds appear to be stacked against you, you can find the vigorous, dedicated defense you need with our Atlanta DUI lawyer. Find out what your defense options during a free case review with a legal team backed by a 93% success rate for DUI cases within the last 5 years.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Unmatched
    record of

  • Challenged the court,
    went to jail
    for our client

  • Repeated
    recognition from
    Super Lawyers®

  • Appellate
    experience in U.S.
    Supreme Court

  • Extensive
    DUI training
    & education

  • Sought-after
    DUI defense

  • Active member
    of numerous
    legal associations

  • Defended police,
    judges, & lawyers
    for their own DUIs

  • A Law Firm with Experience and Success We put more than a century’s worth of collective trial experience to work for the benefit of our clients. The result? An impressive record of victories.

    • We have 22 years of legal experience
    • We have won thousands of DUI trials
    • We have successfully appealed hundreds of Georgia DUI appeals
    • We have a 93% DUI case success rate
    • We have won cases in the Georgia Supreme Court that changed state law in favor of DUI defendants
    • We have taken DUI appeals cases to the United States Supreme Court

  • A Highly Trained DUI Defense Law Firm Our attorneys remain on the cutting-edge of legal representation by obtaining certifications and trainings that others don’t have.

    • We are trained as instructors on the operation of the Intoxilyzer breath testing machine
    • We are trained and certified as instructors on the administration of standardized field sobriety test evaluations
    • We have training in infrared spectroscopy, the study of breath testing, in order to prove inaccuracies to juries and judges
    • We have training in gas chromatography, the science of blood testing, to show inaccuracies in BAC evidence

  • A Law Firm with an Impressive Reputation We consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients – earning us an honorable reputation among clients and colleagues alike.

    • In order to protect a client, Attorney Greg Willis once spent four days in jail for contempt of court – and went on to win the case
    • When other lawyers get arrested, they call us to get them out of their DUIs
    • We co-authored the most recognized DUI treatise in Georgia
    • We regularly host and teach DUI defense seminars for lawyers
    • We are admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, the Georgia Supreme Court, and the Georgia Court of Appeals
    • We are members of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, the National College of DUI Defense, the Georgia Defense of Drinking Driver’s Group, the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • One of Atlanta's Award-Winning Legal Teams Due to our commitment to the highest standards of practice, our firm’s lawyers are constantly recognized as some of the nation’s top trial attorneys.

    • Super Lawyers® – chosen by our peers as the top 5% of attorneys in the field of DUI
    • Newsweek – rated by the magazine as one of the best law firms in the United States
    • Defense of Drinking Drivers Group – named Best Appellate Attorney of the Year (2012 & 2015)
    • Avvo – rated as 10.0 Superb and we have received numerous Clients’ Choice awards
    • National Association of Distinguished Counsel – selected for Nation’s Top One Percent of Attorneys
    • Defense of Drinking Drivers Group – earned the Samurai Lawyer Award for going to jail to protect a client

Tom Thomas takes the time to answer questions, explain the process and provide realistic expectations. Throughout the lengthy case process, Tom stayed in touch and was happy to assist in updates. His efforts were successful and we were able to have the DUI charge reduced to reckless driving. I am very appreciative of Tom's persistence and the help of his team. View More Testimonials

Staunch Advocates & Aggressive Litigators

Every member of our firm is relentlessly committed to protecting the rights of the accused. Most attorneys simply show up for court dates or handle a case until an outcome is reached. At Willis Law Firm, however, we do things differently. In fact, Attorney Willis once went to jail for four days in order to protect a client from an unfair, unforgiving judge.

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