Attorney Fees: The Cost of a DUI Lawyer

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As frightening as it is to face criminal charges, many people are also intimidated by the thought of paying for a lawyer. But the reality is, hiring an attorney is typically less expensive than the costs of a DUI conviction, which include court fees, criminal fines, and possible job loss while in jail and performing community service. A conviction also comes with a criminal record, which will hold you back in your job hunt.

When you work with an Atlanta DUI defense lawyer at Willis Law Firm, all fees will be detailed in writing. This will be a clear written statement, not a lengthy packet full of fine print. If you hire a DUI attorney from the firm, you will know exactly what your legal fees will amount to and at what point you will be charged. Various payment options are available, as the firm is comprised of an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney.

Fees are calculated according to:

  • An attorney's years of DUI defense experience
  • The types of charges you face

The costs of conviction can be life-changing, and the cost of defense representation can be affordable. If you work with the team at Willis Law Firm, you have a couple of reasonable payment options, and the attorney offers a free, no-obligation consultation to every potential client.

We Charge a Flat Fee, Not an Hourly Rate

At this firm, you won't find hourly fees. If it were otherwise, you could be charged for every single email and call, an absurd practice. Instead, at Willis Law Firm, the attorney charges flat fees. This means that you can know upfront how much your entire case could cost you.

Here are more options available to you from our firm:

  • A flat fee that includes your DDS hearing to save your license
  • A payment plan on top of this transparent flat fee

This payment plan would start with a down payment, and be followed up by scheduled payments, which could include credit card authorizations or post-dated checks. You may not even have to pay the full flat fee. For example, if your case is dismissed quicker than anticipated, you might not have to pay the outstanding amount. On the flip side, if your case heads to trial, you may need an additional trial fee to cover the costs of couriers, court reporters, and expert witnesses. Every case is different, so you will need to discuss your options with an experienced legal professional.

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