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Charged with DUI in Atlanta? You don't have to plead guilty! Our job is to prevent you from being convicted of your DUI charge while we manage the stress of the situation and the details of your case. In avoiding a DUI conviction, we also work to keep your license from being suspended and to keep you out of jail.

In order to pursue the best possible results, you need an Atlanta DUI attorney who has vast training and experience in the field of DUI law. Our firm has a 93% success rate at beating DUI charges over the past 5 years. Due to our unbelievable success and unique DUI case strategies, other experts in the field attend our seminars to gain from our insight and guidance. To put it simply, we are the first name in DUI defense on all levels, having even taken DUI cases to the United States Supreme Court and the Georgia Supreme Court!

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We have been successful in resolving the large majority of all our DUI cases without a conviction, without jail for our clients, and without any suspension. We are never afraid to fight for our clients, and we go above and beyond, advocating for our clients in ways that other law firms are not willing. Prosecutors routinely accept our plea deals, for they know we will fight tooth-and-nail in court and always push for an appeal when necessary.

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  • Secured a landmark victory in the Supreme Court, ruling DUI law unconstitutional
  • Has been recognized by Super Lawyers® for DUI
  • Went to jail to protect a client and will do it again for you if necessary
  • Has resolved 93% of DUI cases without a DUI
  • Is on the Board of Directors of DUIDLA
  • Is a National/State/Local Instructor on DUI defense for lawyers

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  • We don't believe it is constitutional to test your blood, so the prosecutors cannot use it against you at trial
  • Georgia refusals of blood tests should not be admissable
  • Georgia Blood Tests are not being obtained by police legally
  • Click the video below to see the news coverage about our case and how the Georgia Supreme Court held the DUI statute was unconstitutional​


With more than a century of combined DUI experience, the Atlanta DUI lawyer at Willis Law Firm can handle anything from saving your job by winning your DUI jury trial to winning your appeal at a Superior or Supreme Court. Our tactics are as varied as they are effective, such as getting your test evidence suppressed in court, forcing the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges against you, winning your administrative license suspension hearing to save your license, or defending you against felony DUI charges like vehicular homicide in court. Come by our office for free information on how our Atlanta DUI attorney would apply a successful and personalized strategy to defend you.

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Whether you are charged with DUI involving drugs, DUI involving alcohol, or vehicular homicide, Willis Law Firm is ready to help you like no other DUI defense firm can. Even if your DUI charge is the result of failing a DUI test, you can find the highest level of service at Willis Law Firm. We are currently managing pending cases throughout the state and at the Georgia Supreme Court challenging the admissibility of DUI breath and blood tests based on complicated constitutional legal arguments.

Using our creative, one-of-a-kind strategies, our Atlanta DUI lawyers have managed a 93% DUI case success rate by scrutinizing every aspect of your case, including the lawfulness of the stop, the unreliability of field sobriety tests, and consent for blood or breath tests. Cases are regularly won in our office by attacking the prosecution’s argument from all sides. During a free initial consultation, our team at Willis Law Firm explain how we can ensure that all your rights are protected through our efforts.

BAC Test Results Challenged with Mathematical Precision

If you have been charged with DUI as the result of a chemical test, you can find some peace of mind in knowing that Attorney Greg Willis stands far above most other DUI attorneys in the state, if not the country. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of DUI law and completed numerous specialized training courses to better understand the science behind blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests and results. In fact, he is considered to be a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and is even capable of acting as an instructor for field sobriety tests.

When choosing your Atlanta DUI attorney to represent you, you must also consider our DUI defense team’s work ethic and knowledge regarding all the legal arguments needed to defend your rights. We proudly demonstrate a powerful commitment to exposing the deficiencies in the state's testing programs, led by the technical knowledge of Attorney Willis. Defending clients charged with DUI is our passion, our calling, and our purpose.

Highly Recommended DUI Defense

Our firm comes highly recommended from police officers, judges, prosecutors, court personnel, and other lawyers who regularly refer their friends and families to us for the highest-quality DUI defense available in Georgia. We encourage you to schedule your free meeting with an Atlanta DUI lawyer that has managed cases to success in the Georgia and U.S. Supreme Court.


Case No. S14A1625 - Decided 3/27/15

This case held that the judge must determine if a breath or blood test was voluntarily provided by a DUI suspect. Since the suspects are always in handcuffs and warned that Georgia law requires them to submit to the test, it appears that the judges will have to find that any consent to testing is coerced. The officer also threatens the suspect with a license suspension if they refuse testing. Under this case holding, it appears that all breath, blood and urine tests achieved pursuant to the implied consent warning in Georgia should be suppressed because the consent to testing is not free and voluntary.

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You will find more than skill at this firm. The Atlanta DUI attorneys here are passionate about defending peoples' rights, and if you hire a lawyer from the firm, you will be treated like family. In the face of intense charges, where your future and freedom are being threatened, you need to know that you have a dedicated and experienced advocate on your side. Learn more about the excellent service you can expect at this firm when you call Willis Law Firm.

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