Facing Penalties for CDL DUI?

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DUI penalties for those who drive for a living can be particularly devastating, which is why commercial driver's license (CDL) DUI offenses are a particularly sensitive matter. The State of Georgia knows that these drivers are not only on the road often, but are also driving sizable vehicles capable of tremendous harm to property and other drivers. It is because of these factors that laws for CDL DUI offenses are especially harsh.

If you are a Georgia commercial driver facing a CDL DUI offense, then it is imperative that you contact proper legal counsel immediately. The award-winning legal team at Thomas & Willis, LLC has accumulated over 100 years of combined DUI defense experience. They have the insight and resources to ensure that every possible legal option in protecting your rights is pursued to the fullest extent.

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Administrative CDL DUI Penalties

In Georgia, CDL holders are held to a different standard than other drivers. As citizens, they are subject to criminal penalties, but also vastly enhanced administrative restrictions and penalties handed down by the Department of Driver Services (DDS). For instance, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for a commercial driver is .04, not point .08 like it is for others on the road.

DDS penalties for CDL DUI include:

  • First offense: CDL suspension for one year.
  • First offense while transporting hazardous materials: CDL suspension for three years
  • Second offense: lifetime CDL suspension

CDL holders who are caught driving a commercial vehicle and register a BAC of any amount under .04 must also be taken out of service for a full 24 hours. If over .04, all criminal DUI penalties will also still apply.

Thomas & Willis, LLC understands that, for many, being able to drive is not merely a convenience, but a livelihood. That is why, if necessary, their representatives are prepared to stand with CDL holders through the entire DUI offense process—from administrative hearings to the criminal proceedings—and ensure all penalties are addressed and thoroughly combated.

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